PSA: top 500 hiatus


For the zero percent of you who read this blog just for my Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums series, I'm afraid you're going to have to survive a little while without my sharp, incisive commentary.  Yes, you'll need to be brave as you wean yourself--temporarily--from my myriad of insightful observations, such as: "I enjoyed listening to it" and "I guess it was alright" or "I have a lot of feelings about this album."

The culprit of your so strongly felt loss?  As you might have noticed, it's my new and raging obsession with Desert Island Discs.  It's taken up all the music-listening I can handle at the moment.  I probably won't be ready to listen to another Rolling Stone Top 500 album until I've finished my 100ish podcasts (don't worry, I'm averaging 8 a day), and have ultimately posted my own mock DID interview transcript with Kirsty Young.

My apologies to My Bloody Valentine, whose album Loveless was up next at #217.  It's not you, it's me.  Ok, it's a little bit you. 

Give me a month or so.  Until then, there's always the archives.


jonathan edmund said...

I love your new obsession! But can't wait to keep hearing about your Rolling Stone stuff, in its due season.

Maryann said...

oh good! I'll want to hear your DID next time I see you!

Henrique said...

Well I do really read this blog just for your Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums series and i'm from Portugal so... I'll wait. Thank you for the entertainment!

Maryann said...

Hi Henrique! Thanks for your comment and your patience. :) Glad you enjoy the series!