#217: Loveless by My Bloody Valentine


Loveless by My Bloody Valentine (1991)

Favorite Tracks: "To Here Knows When" and "Blown A Wish" and "What You Want" and "Soon"

Thoughts: Hey!  We're back.  Did you miss this series at all?  I did.  Thanks for holding while I DID'ed out.

So the things I know about My Bloody Valentine are as follows: they're Irish, alternative, and for many years I confused their name with the movie--which came first?  The movie, it turns out.  Still, great name for a band.  But is the music worthy of #217?

Well, I'm afraid that on my first listen, and this may be wholly to be expected for non-alternative listeners, that the music didn't open itself up to me.  Too often the melody did not triumph or work in conjunction with the 'noise.'  Here and there what I consider music would sort of shine through the fog of distortion, and I felt something or liked what I heard.  But in general this album left me pretty cold, and with no understanding as to why it's ranked so high.  Are any of my readers fans who could help me out here?  I think I just don't understand most alternative music, and probably never will. 

Is This Better Than The River?:  Yeah, that's a no from me.


Linda said...

So this has NOTHING to do with this album review at all, I just wanted to say that for the first time, I noticed that if I scroll down on your site, there are "cue words" that I can click on which will call up certain archive posts. So I am currently back in 2009, reading some of your 'medical odyssey' posts. I hope that's okay. It feels almost like I'm able to sneak your old diaries out from under your nose and poke around in them without your knowing. If it in any way makes you uncomfortable, I will absolutely respect that. That being said, I have the wonderful luxury of reading those entries knowing that they are two years in the past and that you have come through all this so brilliantly.

Maryann said...

Linda, that is more than alright, that is amazing! I have some other tags like 'medical odyssey part dos' (and tres and quatro) too. So touched that you are going back and reading the ones I've left on the blog--many I deleted in retrospect.

You are so, so kind to want to read them.