Currents, June 2012


Current Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman!  I know many people didn't care for it, but I enjoyed every minute.  I felt like I was flying through a fantasy land made up of The Never-Ending Story, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Joan of Arc, and Monty Python's Holy Grail.  Yes, there were some plot/characterization wrinkles, but the beautiful care and creation of this film made them matter naught to me.  I can't wait to watch it again.

Current Food: This butternut squash pizza at a local restaurant.  My mom ordered it once (I'm not naturally drawn to squash, so I probably would never have discovered it otherwise), and I'm so in love.  It's spicy and creamy and light.  It's merely butternut squash, goat cheese, pancetta, and hot peppers on an olive oil base.  Delish.

Current Worry: I will never get my dead Christmas tree off my deck because I can't deal with life and it will turn into stone and be a monument to my laziness and inadequacy.  Can you tell I'm getting a fake tree this year?  Either that or just pulling the dead one in to recycle.

Current Book: Quite a few right now: See Me Naked: Stories of Sexual Exile in American Christianity by Amy Frykholm, the sequel to my favorite anthology of poetry (Staying Alive), which is called Being Alive, compiled by Neil Astley, and finally I'm re-reading The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap by Stephanie Coontz.

Current Obsession: One time I was over at my friend Bridget's house (she is in ITALY right now--go look at her pictures and drool), and used some of her kitchen hand soap.  Side note: Does everyone have kitchen hand soap?  I find it essential.  I hate, hate, hate having to wash my hands with dish soap.  Though now I'm questioning myself, and maybe this soap was in Bridget's bathroom, not her kitchen?  Forgive me.  Anyway, I used some and it smelled diviiiiiine.  I told her I loved it, and she said, "Oh, it's just from Target."  It was so heavenly I thought for sure she'd found it in some small boutique on a cobble stoned road on one of her many travels (ITALY, guys.  Italy.).  So the other day at Target, I came upon it by chance, not even looking for it!  Naturally I bought the hand soap.  And dish soap.  And counter-top spray.  But I stopped there!  I daresay it sort of reminds me of the Yankee Candle, Holiday Sage.  It's Herbs of Provence by Caldrea:

Current Thankfulness: Speaking of Holiday Sage, the incredible Taylors had Jonathan and I over to watch the very good movie An Ordinary Family last weekend, and we got to talking Yankee Candle as one does, and the Taylors revealed a GLORIOUS SECRET: Marshall's sells weird, re-labeled but completely legit Yankee Candles.  Were they returned?  Overstock?  God only knows, but the Taylors had some they didn't care for and when they asked if either of us wanted them I think I made some inaudible noise so loud Jonathan never had the chance.  Because you guys, one of them is Holiday Sage.  With a slightly different scent even, which Jonathan keenly noticed as probably cinnamon.  Hopefully we'll get the gang together and I can show them to you in a video.  The other one is Early Sunrise, and it is citrus-y perfection.  So a big thank you to the Taylors (and Jonathan), because I was going candle-less and my life was sorely less quality for it.

Current TV Show: I am in LOVE with Robin Hood (2006).  The best fantasy show I've watched in ages (kicks Merlin clear out of the water).  I'm about to start The West Wing, and I've been re-watching Scrubs, to mixed results.  On the one hand I think, "God this show is so fucking amazing" and then on the next hand I criticize it mercilessly because it is a medical show. I get all up in arms for the patients, which I never used to do when I watched it.  Before it was, "Will no one think of the doctors?" But now!  Now J.D. will tell a patient that a procedure is "No big deal."  Back in the day I would think, "How nice of him!  That's so calming and kind."  But now I scream at my television: "J.D. have YOU had THAT procedure done to YOU?  If not, then you have no FUCKING RIGHT to tell that patient WHAT KIND OF DEAL that procedure is.  Do you hear me?  NO RIGHT.  You don't know what phobias or pain thresholds that particular patient has!"  And then I leave the TV alone and shout to the universe itself, "I HATE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS!"  Which isn't true at all, so many of them are very nice, but you don't remember those ones.  You remember the lady who basically called you a wuss when you asked her to hold your hand while you lay on your stomach and had doctors inserting things into your spine while you were CONSCIOUS and when thank God you did slip out of consciousness, probably from the pain, you then awoke to find her NOT HOLDING YOUR HAND.  And now I'm crying.  But Scrubs.  Great show.*

Current Wishlist:  The ability to not let other people's opinions/values make me feel like shit just because mine are different.  Oh, you meant something actually attainable?  Another tattoo.  Or three.

Current Music: My Desert Island Discs, of course.  And going around and around about them.  You should have gone with the John Denver!  Where's Kenny Loggins?  Hell, where are Billy Joel and Elton John?  How dare you leave them! Think of Meat Loaf and Jesus Christ Superstar and Fleetwood Mac!  It's like I don't even know you anymore.

Current Reminder: I've been reading some people's old (and current) blog posts lately that write so personally and openly about their individual grief or depression or hardships, and I find my heart opening to them, changed by their honesty and willingness (or at least need) to share.  So often when I try to write posts like that, I worry people's responses are ones of exasperation or discomfort.  I need to remember that most people, the people who love me, will more likely be blessed than burdened by my honesty.  I hope that is true.

*I know what you're wondering: but Maryann, don't you have this reaction when you watch M*A*S*H?  Sometimes.  But rarely because Alan Alda is perfection incarnate.  After Jesus, of course.


jonathan edmund said...

It IS true! So v. blessed by your honesty over here <3

kj said...

i love when you ps's know what we're wondering

Maryann said...

thanks, friends. Kj I love that you've noticed that pattern. :)

Anonymous said...

Alan Alda is indeed perfection.