photo of the day


From this great collection I recommend checking out, which I found via my friend Jennifer.


Allie said...

So ridiculous. So much love.

jonathan edmund said...

I loved that collection! Whenever I see a "X number of photos that will do Y to you" I'm usually like, "Mehhhhh, this is going to be a waste of my time." But this one was AMAZING and, as someone who (sadly) has a hard time hoping for humanity (Especially after reading dystopian literature like I did last weekend), it did help a little bit!

Maryann said...

Jonathan, I feel the same way about those collections. They usually are just sub-par. But this one really lifted my spirits!

And I hope we can hang out soon so I can hear your thoughts on a) Next to Normal and b) that dystopian literature you're reading. Or read.