Lourdes and Hilda.


(I promise to do a post soon regarding my trip once I get the photos sorted!  For now, here's this post about home decor.)

About a month ago I was perusing my local beloved grocery store that also sells housewares.  I casually walked by the row of lamps, and between the fly fishing lamp and the moose lamp and the bright pink paisley lamp, I saw something...beautiful.

Well, beautiful for a lamp.  It was called Lourdes.  And I loved it and wanted it.  Badly.

But the tragedy?  It was out of stock!  Every time I went back to the store, I'd check to see if it was in stock.  I even considered asking if I could buy the display lamp, but had yet to get that desperate.  Clearly I wasn't the only one in love with this lamp.

Which brings us to tonight.  And can you guess?  The lamp was in stock.  And so I put one in my cart. I then proceeded to take 25 minutes to find the light bulb it needed.  Seriously, how are there so many lightbulb options?  Someone needs to do a stand-up routine on that.  A funny one, of course.

Anyway, I brought it home and put it together and here it is:

It's base is a large, clear, glass jar, and the lamp shade and electrical stuff connects to a big cork that sits in the jar.  That's pretty cool looking on its own, but guess what that design means?  YOU CAN PUT STUFF IN IT.

I just put one of my small frames in there as an example.  I'm not sure yet what will end up inside.  Some cool action figures?  Fake plants to make it look like a terrarium?  Marbles?  Beads?  We'll see.

And then there's Hilda.  This week I was scrolling through tumblr and I came upon a post about the best kept secret in pin-up girls: a plus-size pin-up named Hilda.  Not only was she adorable (her hair!) I loved the active, self-care-esque things most of the prints showed her doing.  So I hopped on to Ebay and decided to buy a few prints for my bedroom.  

You might be asking, "Why do you want pin-up prints in your bedroom?"

And my answer is, why not?  I think I was initially scared to tell people I was buying pictures of a pin-up girl, but that quickly faded (remnants of my adolescent legalism).  Hilda is fat and adorable and sexy.  And I think seeing her on my wall every day will do me and my self-image a world of good.  She's not like other pin-ups, with their inhuman, Barbie-doll proportions.  And I tried to pick prints in which she wasn't lifting up a skirt or had her butt hanging out of some bikini bottoms.  Instead, I tried to pick prints where she was doing something fun or good for herself, not necessarily for the Male Gaze, even if that was her creator, Duane Bryer's, original intent.  

First one (that's a butterfly on her nose): 

Second, which I find HILARIOUS:

And third, my very favorite (Duane drew her in these long-johns a LOT):

And here they all are on my wall:

I'm worried these might be the first of many.


jonathan edmund said...

DELIGHTFUL!!! I want you to help design the decor of my boat when I buy it and then live on it. And guess which motherfucker won't be invited!!! Haha! (I'm still getting over him, obviously).

Seriously, the fat sexy pin-ups make me grin huge. My best friend from high school, Hunter, lives in a queer co-op house and in their bathrooms they have posters with beautiful people and words that say "FIGHT FAT OPPRESSION" which I adore.

Linda said...

I got endless comments from guys in college when I had this most amazing black and white poster of a woman sitting on the edge of a bed in wearing a garter belt, high heels and a black teddy hanging up in my room. I will need to post a picture of it on my blog so you can see that it was actually quite beautiful and not smutty. I LOVE having pictures of sexy women around. They make me feel good, they are thought provoking, and they inspire me. Hilda rocks-- thanks for introducing her to me! Seriously. Your blog is like a treasure chest. I never know what I'm going to find- a new musician, a poem, a comedian I never heard of before, a movie review for a film I overlooked, a new appreciation for Tom Hiddleston's toothy grin...

theresa clare said...

I love Hilda! (and these style pin-ups in general.) The long-johns are my favorite.

I love Lourdes, too, and have been wanting to get a lamp just like that for a while.

Maryann said...

Jonathan, it would be an honor to help decorate any place you lived in, much less a sailboat! And I approve of that house message.

Linda, I am so blessed that you enjoy my blog. Keeps me going.

And Theresa, maybe we can ship you a Lourdes when you come up next month!! :)