#209: Tattoo You by The Rolling Stones


Tattoo You by The Rolling Stones (1981)

Favorite Track(s): "Start Me Up" and "Hang Fire" and "Neighbours" and "Tops" and "Waiting on a Friend"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) Our most recent Stones album did not go over well.  Not at all.  I have low expectations for this album, even though it contains two of my favorite Stones songs, "Hang Fire" and "Start Me Up."  However, I remember my dad owned this album, so maybe it will be better than Some Girls, as the list seems to be indicating as well.

Anecdote: even though my Rolling Stone's dissatisfaction is well known (see what I did there?), I still have all my tattoo posts tagged as, you guessed it, 'tattoo you.'

(Post-Listening) I didn't actively hate it.  Progress, people.  Oh Rolling Stones, will you ever win my love?  Probably not.  And I'm sure you're quite fine without it.

Is This Better Than The River?: I think we all know the answer.

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Linda said...

Your dad sounds like a really cool guy! My parents idea of "real Rock and Roll" music was listening to Huey Lewis and the News. Clearly, we can see where you inherited your fine ear for music.

Hoping you are well!