my life in a series of gifs, brought to you by Simon Amstell




Allie said...

Hahaha, awesome.

Linda said...

Simon Amstell is yet another British personality who I only know from occasionally seeing him on your tumblr account. You make me feel woefully ignorant of the whole BBC genre (especially "Doctor Who"-- the only full episode I've ever seen of that show involved stone angels that move when you close your eyes, and David Tennent was barely in it.) I hang my head in shame for not being current on British popular culture, because I can see I'm missing out.

Maryann said...

Oh Linda, there is so much great British personalities to discover!! :) That particular episode of Doctor Who is fantastic, but it doesn't give you a very good taste of what the show is usually like. Usually, there's a lot more Doctor!

Slowly but surely, perhaps my tumblr will lead you to new British Pop Culture.