poster for Kj


My friend Kj just moved to Scotland to write her PhD about Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte.  I read Jane Eyre because of Kj's love for it, before we were even friends (and I just stalked her on her blog).  Later, when we were 'real' friends, she let me read a paper she'd written about the book that was titled "God Did Not Give Me My Life to Throw Away" (plus a lengthy, intelligent subtitle), which I believe is a quote from the book (I'm overdue to re-read it).

I knew I wanted to make some art for her to take to Scotland, but this summer I've been in a funk where my desire for creation has been weak and infrequent.  Fortunately, about a month ago I was hit with what I wanted to do, and was able to make the poster in one night while the creative spark somehow stayed alight for a few hours despite the otherwise seemingly constant darkness of my mind and spirit.

Anyway, I really liked how it turned out.

The text before placement. (And ignore the piece in the upper left corner. That was my first 'unplanned' attempt that turned out pretty hideous.)

The text in place, plus the beginning of the 'feathers' (which actually look like small grains of rice up close) and my helpful helper, Oz:

More of the design as it grew over the evening:

And then, the finished work, one VERY sore drawing hand later:

Here's a little closer look at the detail:

Unfortunately I didn't give it to Kj in time for it to head off to Scotland with her other posters, so for now it's with me, someday to be sent off to join her there.

In case you're curious, I used gold paint Sharpies for the text, and two alternating fine point gray coloring pens that barely made it through the whole thing. I also later added gold dots to the feathers jutting off from the words "my life" but that was awhile later, so I didn't remember to photograph it.


Allie said...

I'm impressed!

Kj said...

So amazing to see the process. I'm already scouting locations for it (and frame shops in town). Such a profoundly perfect gift.

Courtney said...

Holy crap, this is gorgeous! Fantastic job.