#202: Dirty Mind by Prince


Dirty Mind by Prince (1980)

Favorite Tracks: "Dirty Mind" and "When You Were Mine" and "Gotta Broken Heart Again" and "Uptown"

Thoughts:  Who's that standing in a studded blazer, hankerchief, and bikini bottoms?  IT'S PRINCE.  (If you want to see him dance in that outfit, here you go. You're welcome.)  And I couldn't be happier to have him finally appear on the list.  Is he weird?  Yes.  Eccentric?  Very.  Self-absorbed?  Sure.  More obsessed with sex than James Bond and Captain Jack Harkness put together?  Probably.  Is he an unbelievably talented performer/songwriter/musician/artist whose genius and impact on culture and music cannot be measured?  Without a doubt.

I have had to defend the greatness of Prince to many a person.  I usually tell them to just watch Purple Rain and get back to me.  My go-to karaoke song is "Raspberry Beret," which I heard for the first time in high school after buying Prince's Greatest Hits at a Sam Goody in Spokane.  I also found my junior prom dress on that trip.  What color was it?  Purple.

Dirty Mind is Prince's 3rd studio album, and today it is exactly 32 years old.  If you try to find videos of the songs of this album online, good luck.  One of the less awesome things about Prince is he is SUPER harsh on people posting his music or photos of him or basically anything related to him without his permission.  Since I usually listen to my albums via YouTube, I am very lucky to have this album on my iPod, so there's no problem. Let's journey into Prince's dirty mind.  Which--anyone familiar with his music will tell you--is very dirty.

The title track is very fun and funky.  We've actually heard "When You Were Mine" before, waaaaay back at #486 when Cyndi Lauper covered it.  (Don't tell Prince, but I think I prefer her version.  The vocalization is just more interesting to me.)  I was pleasantly surprised by how sweet and Stevie Wonder-ish "Gotta Broken Heart Again" turned out to be!  I mean, it was even family-friendly!  (Well, compared to most of his songs.)  The album ends with "Partyup" which has a great chant at the end: "Gonna have to fight your own damn war, 'cause we don't wanna fight no more!"

Is This Better Than The River?:  I wouldn't say that.  It's too short!  But I loooooved it and highly recommend it.  Can't wait for more Prince to show up on the list.

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