This year for Thanksgiving I'm hosting the immediate family at my place.  We've never had Thanksgiving somewhere other than parents' before, except a few times on vacation in Oregon or once in Hawaii.  My folks are wonderful hosts, and usually like to have a big Thanksgiving dinner in their home.  Which is great!  But I thought it would be fun to keep it small and simple this year, and now that three of us (me, my sister, and her husband) live in the same city, and my parents (Only 2 of them! They aren't fundamentalist Mormons!) live in their city, we have them beat and they should come to US.  Fortunately my parents are quite obliging, but just to make it feel more special I decided to make an invitation.

And what holiday invitation is any good without a cat in it?  The answer is none.

Oz doesn't looove to be dressed up or made to sit still in one place, so our Christmas photos turn out pretty good because I can hold him in place (gently!).  But for this Thanksgiving invitation I wanted him to be on his own as a turkey.  I quickly realized that things like a turkey's wattle and caruncle would probably be out of the question.  I'd make a tail fan and call it good.

Below are the three invites I made (with the city blocked out due to my naive belief that I can remain un-stalkable):

It's not pretty.  It's very ugly.  And you can only see half of the tail fan.

Only very slightly better.

The final one I sent out:

His eyes look weird and I should have used the second photo, but I think this one conveys how angry he was about being photographed in a feather fan.

As you might imagine, everyone RSVP'd that they could come.  How could they not?  I'll be sure to take loads of photos and tell you all about it.


Allie said...

LoL! He looks pizzed. As he should be. I love dressing up kitties. Have a wonderful thanksgiving! Can't wait to see photos!

Kj said...


Linda said...

I'm a little embarrassed as a cat owner that I've never thought of doing something this adorable.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones!

jonathan edmund said...

This is beyond excellent.