For Linda


Whom we love. Who we love? I mean, we definitely love her, we just aren't great with grammar. As anyone who reads this blog knows full well.


Linda said...

Hi Maryann! I've been wanting to get back to you all weekend, but my in-laws were here and they just left. I love them, but having the in-laws over for several days is STRESSFUL. You want the entire house to be clean and for everything to be just right. Also, my FIL is one of those people who really dislikes cats, and he would make hostile 'psst' noises and snap his fingers, clap, or stomp his feet whenever one came anywhere near him- which I really didn't appreciate. Chances is only 5 months old and we'd like him to learn to be confident around strangers, and now FIL just set him waaaaaaaay back. I'm not saying he had to baby talk with any of them and give them love, but I wish he would have just let them walk through the room and quietly be there without scaring them. And to top it all off, he was doing us the distinct favor of helping us install a new washing machine, which we were very appreciative of, but at the same time he kept making jokes about how we should "use one of those cats to test out the spin cycle." You know the type, I'm sure- who just thinks it funny to make jokes like that. I can handle him in small doses, but this weekend ran a little long. (Thank God he'll never see this!)

Any way, I'm so glad it was a misunderstanding. I felt terrible when I believed that I had angered or embarrassed you. At the same time, I didn't want to be that psycho person on the internet who you tried to block who keeps sending your messages and won't leave you alone. I do hope that if we ever have anything weird come up, that we'll both feel that we can just be frank about it and talk it out. I would really miss you! And Oz!!!! And all the great music suggestions.

Speaking of- this is my newest passion. Stumbled across this the other day and couldn't wait to share it with you. Love his voice!

P.S. I privatized my blog because I made the mistake of talking about it at a Pet Loss Support group meeting that I went to the other week, and then this really strange man was talking to me afterwards and he made me feel uncomfortable. I'll set it up so you can see it again shortly!

Maryann said...

Baaagh, I am so sorry about your FIL! I can't believe he couldn't just ignore them, like you said. But hopefully Chances' interactions with you guys and other people will be the lasting ones.

I'm so relieved to know you didn't privatize your blog because of me!! Sorry about the creep. I hope that you can find another group.

And the Raised by Swans song--incredible! I'm excited to explore more of their music.