with a grateful prayer and a thankful heart


I just realized I started blogging about Christmas before I posted any pictures of Thanksgiving!  My bad.

I have pictures of the people who were there (my immediate family) but none of them turned out super good.  That's the thing about food!  It stays still.  You know what else doesn't stay still? Kittens.  But I digress.  And digest.  Mmmmm...

A big 'thank you' and 'I'm thankful for you' to my parents and sister and brother-in-law for all their hard work and for letting me host us this year.

There was a whole bunch of wine, pie, and carbs for everyone.  And I got to use my new Polish pottery!  I have an addiction.


Allie said...

Oh, wow! Looks delicious! And, do you go to that Polish pottery place in Pike Place Market? I love their stuff!

Maryann said...

Allie, I went to the Pike Place once waaay back in college, but didn't buy anything then. I need to go back! All of these I bought online.