#196: The Best of Little Walter by Little Walter


The Best of Little Walter by Little Walter (1958)

Favorite Tracks: "My Babe" and "Last Night" and "Can't Hold Out Much Longer" and "You Better Watch Yourself" and "Tell Me Mama"

Thoughts: Confession time: I've never heard of Little Walter.  But considering he's a blues singer from the 50s, I'm giving myself a break.

I love harmonica, so this album was a treat, as Little Walter is extremely proficient at playing one.  If you are familiar with Little Walter's music, you can see that I favored the songs with lyrics over the instrumental songs.  Blues songs run together for me if there aren't words.  I know, I know...pathetic.

Is This Better Than Bad?: In my personal library it wouldn't make the top 200 (I prefer Michael's "Off the Wall" to Walter's), but I can see why others would think it belongs this close to #1.

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