around the house (November 2012 edition)


Hey o!  I know it hasn't been that long since I've done one of these, but I have more to show you!  Plus, my friend Holly made some specific home-related requests.  One of them, my tree star topper, will be answered in my Favorite Christmas Things post about my tree, which I will do any day now.


First up is for the Yankee Candle fans.  The rest of you can skip to the next thing, I won't mind.

A few weeks ago I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for some Yankee Candles.  I always check their clearance section just to see if they might have a discounted scent I'd be interested in.  They also have the paraphenila, and I spied a severely marked down Jar Shade with a lovely autumn scene on it.  In the Yankee Candle stores I always looked down on these things, finding them silly-looking to put on a candle.  But seeing this one, alone (which no Yankee Candle store display item ever is), it looked alright.  Turns out I love it!  I feel better knowing the flame is slightly more covered than it is with a mere Illuma-lid, and the lamp-look turned out to feel quite homey.

Next is one of Holly's requests. Color-coded bookshelves! I'd seen it at Kj's home and a few places on the internet, and decided to do it for my own books.  I also tried to do it for my DVDs, but I realized I'm much more familiar with the appearance of book spines than DVD spines.

It's not a super strict ROYGBIV kind of situation, but I think it's just enough to be aesthetically pleasing.  There are miscreants, as you can see, one shelf of which is intentional.  On the shelf above Paul's head there in the upper left photo I keep my collection of Madeleine L'Engle books.  She's my favorite author so I like to give her work it's own special space, regardless of color.  If anyone is interested in the objects surrounding the books in the lower right photo, let me know and I'll cover them in the next edition of 'Around the House.'

I will tell you about the knickknacks on top of the main book/DVD shelves:

From the left: a Beatles mug my parents bought me on a trip, a weird shaped mug from Powell's bookstore in Portland, which I should finally start using again now that I have a dishwasher, a chipped Sunriver, Oregon mug, and finally (my favorite, hence it's being in focus), a beer stein I found in my grandparents' apartment when we were moving them into a home and there was a bunch of stuff they were getting rid of.

Then on the far right bookshelf (which now holds books and Kj's DVD collection while she's in Scotland) is a metal mug from my maternal grandmother's beach house, a wooden rendering of the Last Supper (ironically in the the pseudo dining room!) I found in a gift shop while camping at Diamond Lake as a child, and a carved wooden dolphin, also from my grandparents' apartment.

I recently decided I needed a hook by the front door for hanging my lunch bag and apron on, as the push pins I was currently using were not a very good longterm solution.  After waaay to many hours searching on the internet, I found this dual hook that my dad kindly helped install for me:

In retrospect I wish I'd spray-painted it a different color like gold or white before installing it, but whatever.  The iron look is nice too.

Another one of the things Holly wanted me to show was the weird art I have above my 'OZ' letters that were shown in the previous edition of 'Around the House.'  

It's weird.  It's from Fred Meyer's.  It opens, which I guess means I could put something else other than the egg nest in there but they're sewn in so that would take a bit of work.  I swore that when I bought it there was a robin egg-colored blue egg, but I guess they were always both white.

Remember my DIY lamps?  Here's a better, not so cat-related shot of them:

In my 'jar' lamp I've been keeping my childhood collection of Hagen Renaker ceramic animals.  Unfortunately, there are loads of them on Ebay.  I say 'unfortunately' because I am not super wealthy.  And remember when I made a turkey tailfan for Oz in my Thanksgiving invitations?  Now it hangs out on top of the jar.

Holly also wanted to see my whale mobile!  I bought it when camping in the San Juan Islands with my family.  In Friday Harbor there's this great Whale Museum, and the last time I went there (I think for maybe my 24th or 25th birthday), they still sold them!  I had it in my room as a child, then after college it lived in both my apartments.  When I moved to my home I saw a hook right above the kitchen sink and thought, "There it goes!"  It's not too low for me, but I do have a few male friends who have to head-butt it now and then.

Finally, my scarf hook.  I was sick of keeping my scarves in drawers, and wanted them to be out where I could see them.  So I found a multi-hook piece of hardware:

And here it is covered in scarves (and a few hats):


Allie said...

I love homey homes!

loverstreet said...

thanks to you for sharing and holly for encouraging the sharing. i love all the details that matter to you and make your house a home!

Holly said...

Well, my life is complete. I can die a happy woman. The whale mobile is even better up CLOSE!!!

Maryann said...

Thanks to each of you!! You make sharing so much fun.