Currents, December 2012


Current Project: Christmas cards!  The first wave will be going out tomorrow!
Current Movie: Watched Serendipity (2001) again last night, and While You Were Sleeping (1995) the night before.  Love me a holiday rom-com.
Current Food: Finger food.  Some chips, some dip, some veggies, I'm good.
Current Drink: Hansen's Mango Orange soda.  It tastes the way I want to smell.  I know that makes it sound like it tastes like perfume, but whatever.
Current Worry: That people won't get pop cultures references used in my Christmas cards.
Current Celebrity Crush: Stephen Colbert.   He never really goes off the list, but when he's in hardcore Tolkien Nerd form, he's more irresistible than ever.
Current Obsession: Christmas cards.
Current Book: Trying to reread The Hobbit, finish The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, all while keeping on my book club book, The Paris Wife.
Current Time-Stealer: Tumblr blog count as of today: 961!  We are only 39 blogs away from my 2013 goal.
Current Indulgence: Looking for childhood artifacts on Ebay.
Current Location: My living room!  Now I just need it to snow.
Current Thankfulness: That I have so many wonderful people in my life to send Christmas cards too!  (Whether they want them or not.)
Current Fashion: Fun boots...from the Old Navy Boys section.  Yes, I am wearing boots made for male children.
Current TV Show: I'm still so charmed by Go On.  I can't say if it's going to make a mark in television history or anything, but I love it.
Current Music: I am actually enjoying Sufjan's new Christmas album!  (Once I removed all the songs I didn't like from my playlist.)
Current Wishlist: the DVD of Neil Patrick Harris' and Stephen Colbert's Company.
Current Reminder: Soak up all the Christmas-ness I can, this is the summer of my soul.


I am said...

Oh how much I miss living right next to you and our Colbert times. Once this little boy enters my life and after I get over the excitement and want some friend time we need to get together and have some colbert watching fun!

I am said...

By the way this is Alex. :-)

Allie said...

The trailer for The Mortal Instruments is really intriguing. Tell me how the book is!