Hobbit First Impressions! (To the victor go the SPOILERS--after the jump)


I saw The Hobbit tonight!

Here are all my first impressions!

  • First of all, they played Darren Criss singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" in the theater before the First Look started, and I started doing involuntary kegels.  If you don't know what kegels are, don't look it up (at least not now), and if you do and me telling you that makes you uncomfortable, let's part ways as blog friends.  I won't be censored!  And Darren Criss is a dreamboat!  And I watched Grease a lot during puberty!  LEAVE ME ALONE.
  • Ok, opening.  I was so happy to see Ian Holm back.  But when I saw Frodo...whoo-boy, the tears came.  Seeing him so unscathed and happy in the Shire was difficult.  In a good way.  And in some ways I felt much closer to him (both Elijah and Frodo) than ever, as if we were both experiencing being back in Middle Earth and it being real and new, but also the same place we've been so many times before.  But not like this!  It was emotional and I'm not describing it well.
  • In fact, I didn't really settle into the film until we got to Martin Freeman.  That sort of helped me move from just BACK IN MIDDLE EARTH feelings into Hobbit feelings.  I didn't mind at all the backstory given about Thorin and the dwarves' loss of their home coming before they'd even arrived at Bilbo's house.  I love that backstory at the beginning of LOTR so this felt just right.
  • The dwarves are delightful.  I was initially anxious that I wouldn't become as attached to them as I did to the Fellowship, and even though we've still got two movies to go, I already love them, though I haven't matched all their names with the faces yet.  Speaking of which, Aidan Turner (Kili) got SO much screen-time and lines!  Maybe that's a big thing in the books or maybe it's because he's more likely to be a recognizable face to British TV fans considering he's not covered in hair and make-up like so many of the other actors.
  • Which brings me to Richard Armitage: YES, SIR.  I was so impressed and moved by his performance.  I'm so, so happy that he was cast as Thorin.
  • The troll scene was fun, I love a good chase through open land (when the orc raid was hunting them before the elves showed up), all the hiking, the stone giants (I had totally forgotten about them!) and OMG, the Eagle Scene.  No, I have to give it it's own bullet point.
  • THE EAGLES.  I was clutching my chest!  It was like The Rescuers: Down Under but ten times more beautiful and emotional and breathtaking.  Holy cow it was so fantastic.  And all the suspense until they arrived with the pale orc.  All I could think was, "WHERE ARE THEY?"  I love it when Gandalf whispers to moths.
  • I liked the Rivendell scene (BRET MCKENZIE) and it was interesting to see Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf and Saruman all conversing together.  OOooh when they found out about the nazgul or the witch-king/necromancer whatever and the nazgul theme played?   UUUUHHHH love it.
  • The only thing that felt sort of off to me was the transition to Radagast.  I mean, I loved that he was played by Sylvester McCoy, but I was so unprepared when we completely switched to his story line and animals were dying and that poor was weird.  But by the time he actually met up with the company I loved him and was totally on board.
  • I know I'm forgetting stuff but it's almost 4AM....
  • Oh, Gollum!  Amazeballs.  His scene with Bilbo--especially when he paddled in the boat with his arms--reminded me so much of the cartoon and I LOVED it.  Andy Serkis and the people who do his motion-capture have gotten so much better in just the few years since ROTK.
  • Which leads me to the 3D!  At first I felt like when the camera was panning quickly everything looked blurry (and I wasn't sitting too close to the screen), but maybe it was just my eyes adjusting because it seemed to get better over the course of the film.  Overall, I thought the 3D was fantastic, the added frames were brilliant...there were multiple moments where I felt like I was watching an undersea documentary...everything is moving and alive and different and I wanted to take it all in.
  • Ian McKellen was, as ever, a complete treasure.  I feel like he will definitely be my favorite character in these movies.
  • I'm sure I'll come up with more tomorrow after I've had some sleep, but good grief, it felt so good to be back in Middle Earth on another adventure.  I can't wait to see it again!

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