Part 12 in a 25 Part Series: Maryann's Favorite Christmas Things


It's more music!  This part is the top 5 Christmas songs that make my wail like a baby by causing me to look at my life or remember my childhood or feel my tiny place in the world or consider my relationship with God.  No matter the subject, the tears do flow.

5) "When My Heart Finds Christmas" by Harry Connick, Jr.

Cheesy?  Oh yeah.  Saccharine?  Sure.  But it makes me tear up nonetheless from 2:31 on.  Key changes, man.

4) "The Christmas Song" by Dave Matthews

First come the chills, then come the tears.  It's also in my top 5 songs about Jesus' birth.  The whole thing is perfection, but the tears really start coming at "why in all this anger do you fill me up with love?"

3) "You Don't Have to Be An Angel (The Night Before Christmas)" by Carly Simon (or Amy Grant)

I knew this song for years from Amy Grant's Christmas album, Home for Christmas, but years later I saw Mixed Nuts and learned Carly Simon had written it for the soundtrack to This is My Life, but it ended up on Mixed Nuts soundtrack too (both Nora Ephron).  Either version will bring the waterworks.  The lyrics that I love the very best (and have considered getting a tattoo of):

If your heart's been longing
you've been afraid to try
sorrow's kept you company
and the dance has passed you by
I'll lift you up and blaze with you
across a moonlit sky
on the night before Christmas

2) "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" by Stephen Colbert with Elvis Costello, Toby Keith, Feist, John Legend, and Willie Nelson

This song never did anything for me before I heard this version, and suddenly it was the saddest song I'd ever heard.  Stephen's sincere, tenor (?) singing, and each of their lines give me chills--even Toby Keith's.  The tears can't stop after they harmonize on "harmony."

1) "Where Are You Christmas?" by Faith Hill

I know, I know.  Many people LOATHE this song and can't stand it.  I couldn't stand the movie it was written for--the live action version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas--but for whatever reason this song suddenly expressed for me the loss of childhood Christmases.  This feeling:

When I hear the piano begin on the radio, I have to change the channel.  It's too emotionally charged for me to even listen to.  Ridiculous, I know, for a country pop Christmas song, but there it is.

Which Christmas songs make you tear up and why?

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