Part 17 in a 25 Part Series: Maryann's Favorite Christmas Things


Technically it's Part 4.5 because it's Christmas DIY: again! Oh yeah.

Rules of 'DIY With Maryann'

1) Spend more money than you would if you've just bought something already made by a professional.
2) Do not use any professional tools.
3) Do not consult any professional advice or helpful hints on the internet.
4) Use the most inefficient method possible to complete the project.
5) If the completed project didn't turn out perfect, leave it as is.  You tried.

Today's DIY project is my tree skirt.  Remember my tree skirt? I showcased it in my post about Christmas trees, but Part 17 has turned into a separate post about the tree skirt + DIY.  Enough house-keeping.  Onto the goods!

My tree skirt was perfect--lovely design, large enough--except for one thing: no closure.  This is what I mean:

Often tree skirts have Velcro patches or zippers or even just a few buttons with loops.   I wasn't too bothered by my skirt's lack of a closure, except that the kitties LOVE the skirt, and get it messed up all the time.  As you can see, they're quite fond of it, even when it isn't under the tree:

They're fans.  So one night I was looking on Etsy for fun Christmas ideas, and I saw this listing:

 I thought, "Oh, fun buttons!  Buttons so fun!  What would one use Christmas-y buttons for?"  And then it hit me: to make a super complicated and inefficient tree skirt closure!

I bought a yard of loopy button laces.  I have no idea what they're real name is, but this is what I mean:

You know, like from the back of button-up wedding dresses.  Loopy button laces!  So using non-white thread because it's me (some of it's brown if you can tell) I hand-sewed it onto the skirt:

It was actually harder than you might think because the skirt is made of a kind of burlap, and so the weave is super loose and difficult to attach things to using tiny thread.  Then came the buttons:

(There were more, but this was the amount left un-sewn by the time I remembered to take a photo.)

I tested the buttons to see if they could fit through the loops before sewing them on.  To make sure the buttons would match up with the correct loops, I just fastened them as I went so I couldn't get too off base.  Super professional.  The results:

The overall look:

I really love how it turned out.  Mismatched and homemade and colorful.  Plus, super tough to open.  Unless the kitties eat all the buttons.  Which they are trying desperately to do.


loverstreet said...

when are you going to open up your own damn etsy shop already?!? wedding dress button lace/lattice/whatever--i didn't even know that was a thing!

i should post pics of my tree skirt. i made it this year and was pretty sad b/c it was all wonkie when i laid it out on the ground. turns out, in a pleasant turn of DIY gone right (you are rubbing off on me perhaps?), that the wonkie-ness was the perfect accommodation for the tree stand to fill out and now that skirt lays nicely around the base of our tree.

Maryann said...

Bah, you are so sweet! I definitely want to see more of your tree skirt--from what I've seen it looks so colorful!