Part 19 in a 25 Part Series: Maryann's Favorite Christmas Things


White Elephant Gift Exchange!

At work our holiday party has a new tradition of doing a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  We've done one for years on my mom's side of the family.   This gift made many return appearances:


Oh yeah.  At my work party's exchange I won out with this shell Kleenex dispenser!  I actually love it.  (I'll try to remember to show it to you in action in the next 'Around the House' post.)

I forgot to take a photo of the gift I brought, but it was a ceramic napkin holder Kj (jokingly) gave me that was painted with an American flag and poor attempt at a bald eagle.  And inside the holder, this CD:

Did you know that exists?  Well, there's even a horrifically scarring music video!  Brace yourselves.  Seriously.

Do you have some interesting White Elephant gift stories?

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