"Are they absorbing the story that a male hero's job is to defeat the villain with violence and then collect the reward, which is a woman who has no friends and doesn't speak?"


My friend Jennifer shared this on Facebook and I wanted to post it all over the internet, but I'll settle for here.  I remember when I was first told about The Bechdel Test (I recommend all of her work--I own and love Fun Home) and it blew my mind.  Since then I try to apply it to every movie I see, and tell other people about it.

(And since he used The Wizard of Oz as an example of positive female stories/movies about being a leader and making friends, can we take a second to talk about the trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful?  I should start by saying I know nothing about this movie except what I see in the trailer.  And knowing nothing about something but sharing my opinion anyway is the internet's most noble purpose!

Obviously trailers are made every day that fail to show the true heart or moral or story the film is trying to convey because the trailer is made for getting people in the seats and nothing else.  AND I will never be called a great Wizard of Oz: The Extended Universe fan.  Do I like the movie?  Yes.  Do I enjoy Wicked?  Of course.  Hell, I named my cat Oz (but for the Seth Green character in Buffy). But Return to Oz is literally the stuff of nightmares for me.  Have I talked about it on the blog?  About how the minions are men with wheels on their hands and feet, MEANT TO REPRESENT SQUEAKY HOSPITAL GURNEY WHEELS FROM AN ASYLUM?

I mean for FUCK'S SAKE.

Which brings me to Oz the Great and Powerful.  Why?  Some of my usual reasons: overuse of CGI (that stupid green hand scratching the table is about as scary as Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and stupid jokes (like the Munchkins in the coats).  But also because the whole story seemed to based on a man coming to save a magical world that has three gorgeous witches in it.  Sure they're powerful witches (two of them good!) but they need a guy to save everyone.  And it doesn't hurt if he gets romantic with at least two of them, right?  At least Wicked was about female friendship and not judging everything as simply good or evil! Why aren't we making a movie of that?

It's like Sam Raimi or whoever decided to make this movie thought, "You know what The Wizard of Oz was missing?  A dude who saved everyone.  And babes that dude could do it with.  He has to decide which babe he wants while also saving eveyone!  THAT's a story America wants to see told on the big screen."  Ok, end of rant. Maybe it will be great and I'll edit this to only calling out the people who made the trailer).


Spiro said...

I will stand behind Return to Oz till the day I die.

Maryann said...

Such is your right as an American. Or any other nationality, really.