I Don't Buy It


I don't buy it, says

the scientist.

Replies the frail

and faithful heart,

it's not for sale.

- Wendy Videlock, Poetry, January 2013


Linda said...

Hi Maryann- I came across this poem for the first time today and wanted to share. It's kind of sad, but all the great ones are.

Loneliness is a garment you must wear:
it clothes you fully and intact from birth,
and all the years you gasp for needed air
it covers you, until again in earth
your nakedness companions naked ground
and makes a pact with the bold, colder soil
to let you lie in harmony without a sound,
become at last the fellow of time's toil.
Then do not mend that garment, let it fray,
leave rent and rip and ragged rough-fringed hole,
let raveled threads that living wore away
give entrance to your over-covered soul,
for if you mend it or if you buy anew,
through all eternity loneliness is you.

By Christopher La Farge, from his book "Beauty for Ashes."

Maryann said...

Linda, this is fantastic! I read it a few times. Thank you for sharing. And I totally agree--all the best poems are sad!