If this isn't love,


the whole world is crazy.


Linda said...

Every time I have brought a new cat into my household, I've been quietly panicked that it wouldn't get along with the current cat(s). The thought of having to return an animal back to the shelter after a few weeks, siting irreconcilable differences, was my worst nightmare. I imagine you had similar fears when you brought your new kitten home- "What if Oz hates him?" And to look at what's happened now is just so wonderful. Oz seems absolutely happy to have another cat to hang out with. And Norm looks so confident and assured. It's a pretty special thing. And those pictures are amazing.

I hope Oz is starting to connect with you in his familiar way again. My experience has been that it takes about 12 weeks for my cats to 'get back to normal' after bringing a new one in.

Maryann said...

Linda, you are the sweetest. It's so good to know other people have that panic and worry. And I love that you said Oz looks happy and Norm looks assured. That makes me feel like a million bucks!