Top 5 Favorite Uses of Songs in Recent-ish Movie Trailers


I already did a top 5 movie trailers last February, but this is slightly different. I keep thinking of movie trailers that use songs so well that I overlook any reservation I might have had about seeing the movie.  Which means that the person who picks songs for trailers earned their money.  Wouldn't that be a dream job?  You don't have to score a whole movie, just its trailer.  And you have the challenge of picking a song that encompasses the vibe of the film (or at least the vibe you want the audience to think is in that movie).

I say 'Recent-ish' because not all of these movie trailers were released this year, BUT they are all from the 21st century.  Let's begin!

5. Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Without the song used in this trailer--"Seven Devils" by Florence + The Machine--I would have said, "I'm sorry, Emma Thompson, you know I love you, but this looks horrible."  But the song totally intrigued me, especially in the scene where the lead girl is spinning around that table (?).  Has anyone read this book?  Anyway, "Seven Devils" + Emma Thompson will make me see this movie.  I know there's no guarantee that the song will be used in the film (the immortal curse of Trailer-Songs-That-Make-Me-See-Their-Movies), but the promise of that same dark, other-worldly vibe makes me have foolish hopes for the film's potential excellence.

4. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

At first glance this movie did not appeal to me.  It look like a movie about mental illness and dysfunctional families and REAL LIFE IS ALREADY HARD ENOUGH.  I thought maybe I'd rent it or something.  But then I saw the TV spot that featured "Hey Ho" by The Lumineers (not the video I posted but similar) and I was like, "They belong with each other? And they dance?  I'm in."  I went to see the movie with my friend Jonathan and I told him, "I loved the song in the trailer--why wasn't it in the movie?!"  And he told me it was the Lumineers and then I went home and bought it.  I am infinitely jealous of people who have used it in their weddings.  Assuming that people have. (How could they not?)

3. Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

Courtney reminded me of this one on my last trailer post and I couldn't believe I'd forgotten it (probably because of the disappointing movie)!  This music + the imagery in the trailer made me think "THIS MOVIE WILL BE UNLIKE ANY OTHER."  And it was...but not in a good way (for instance, why did all the monsters have their voices performed by famous people?  Totally took me out of the film).  The trailer's so good I would tell people to just watch it instead of the film.  I had heard "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire before, but it never moved me as much as it did in this trailer.

2. The Great Gatsby (2013)  

Now, I would have seen this movie if there was a Toby Keith or Nicki Minaj song in its trailer.  It's Baz Effing Luhrman.  And no matter how disappointing Australia was (I still stand by my theory that it would have KILLED as a musical), I will never give up on Baz.  When I first heard he was tackling Gatsby I was skeptical.  But when I saw this trailer I was unbelievably excited and nervous and entranced.  A big part of that is the use of Jack White's cover of U2's "Love is Blindness."  UUUUGGHHGHGHGH so gorgeous and perfect for the dark madness of the story.  I just can't get enough.  Who else was super bummed it got pushed to a summer release?

1. Alfie (2004)

This might seem like an odd choice, but I was OBSESSED with this trailer when it came out.  If you read my music reviews you know I am no huge fan of Mick Jagger or the Stones, but I listen to "Old Habits Die Hard" at least once a week, and it will forever make me think of Jude Law trying to decide if he should give up his womanizing ways and be with Marisa Tomei and her kid.  I still haven't seen the original Alfie with Michael Caine (and I only watched the 2004 version one time because it depressed me), but the song so encapsulates the question: if you looked like Jude Law, wouldn't it be hard to give up philandering?  But if you met an amazing woman, wouldn't you want to stay with her?  Ok, I'm getting rummy.  No matter what, don't get the version of the song with Sheryl Crow singing with Mick.  It's very disappointing.  But the Just-Mick version is fantastic.  I think it's the mandolin?  Love it.


Allie said...

I really enjoy "No Church in the Wild" from The Great Gatsby trailer. Jay Z, Kanye, Frank Ocean... so good!

Maryann said...

Ah-ha! I wasn't familiar with it but I liked it too. Thanks for letting me know what it is! I'm waaaay behind on the Frank Ocean train.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the mention! Seriously, that Where the Wild Things Are trailer just gets me every time and I know it's because of the music. I didn't even care for the movie really, but I got chills the first time I saw the trailer. I'm also sort of fond of the Marie Antoinette trailer ( even though I didn't care for the movie. I know it drives some people crazy, but I'm fond of period movies using modern music. :)

Also, love the new header! Too cute.

Maryann said...

COURTNEY! Once again you make me feel CRAZY for forgetting such a perfect trailer! Doesn't the Marie trailer have that New Order song? Amaaaaazing.