#191: Dookie by Green Day


Dookie by Green Day (1994)

Favorite Tracks: "Pulling Teeth" and "When I Come Around"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) Um, yeaaaaaah. This could really go either way, guys.  I'm in the mid-90s episodes of The X-Files so I'm feeling a wicked nostalgia for that era.  On the other hand, Green Day has never been my bag.  Except for that one time when they sang with U2, and then when "Good Riddance" was sang by our choir at my junior high graduation celebration and I cried.  But other than that, I've always found Green Day to be obnoxious and juvenile.  Am I way off base?  Possibly.  Let's find out!

(Post-Listening) Yeah. It's not unpleasant to listen to but I couldn't barely distinguish any variation between most songs.  It's like the songs might start out with a unique intro, but then they'd launch into some dull hum and nothing stuck out to me at all.  Nothing moved me or caught my attention.  When a song ended it felt like coming out of a trance and thinking, "Oh, ok. I guess that's done.  Onto the next track."

The only song I recognized was "When I Come Around" and it was fun to listen to for nostalgic reasons, plus it has a good hook. The cover art is cute, too.

Is This Better Than Bad?:

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