Currents, February 2013


Current Drink: I've been sick, so I've been treating myself to one of my childhood favorites: Wild Berry Juice Squeeze.

Current Project: Too many!  I'm making some curtains (wha), I made Oz a bed (whaa), I made a doorstop (whaaa), reorganizing my mail/bills desk (whaaaa), and considering moving my bedroom furniture around (whaaaaa).  I've just been inspired a lot, lately, I guess.  Hopefully the execution lives up to the vision.

Current TV Show: I finally watched The League and love it even though it features tons of football references I have zero interest in.  I'm in the second season of The X-Files, and I'M OBSESSED.  I had friends who watched it in elementary school when it aired, and I couldn't watch it without getting nightmares.  I've sort of put off watching it until now in case it still freaked me out too much.  Fortunately the many seasons of Buffy, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and other sci-fi/fantasy TV shows I've watched since childhood have strengthened my tolerance for spooky stories.  I love the dynamic between Scully and Mulder (who doesn't) and that she's a super smart doctor who does autopsies and paperwork, not just kick-ass and take names.  Plus, I love a good flirty banter between sexually-tensioned co-workers, but it's refreshing that Mulder and Scully aren't over-the-top with it, and that their respect and care for each other is honest and on the surface, even without a sexual relationship.  I'm sure whole theses have been written about it, but I just wanted to express how fresh and unique it feels, even in 2013.  And oh my God, in that episode when they're tied up on the floor of the shower and the satan-worshippers are about to shoot them, and Mulder tries to cover Scully with his body even though he's hand-cuffed-AAAAAAHHH MY HEART

Current Worry: That I've had whooping cough for the last two weeks and not known it (because I was possibly misdiagnosed with bronchitis). (EDIT: Ok, I probably don't have whooping cough.  I have a few of the symptoms, but not all of them.  But where else can you make unsubstantiated, alarmist claims if not on the internet?  Well, besides Congress.  ZING!)

Current Location: Home! Sick, sick, sick.

Current Movie: I finally saw Skyfall and Daniel Craig is officially my favorite Bond.  I had my suspicions but this confirmed it.

Current Food: I made another pie.  Chelsea, you've created a monster!  A chocolate pie monster.

Current Celebrity Crush: Who do you think? 

Current Obsession: All the weddings for amaaaazing couples I'm lucky enough to attend this spring!

Current Book: I'm about to start Brain on Fire for book club next week (super excited about it but decided to wait to get it until it dropped in price), and I've been reading Miranda Hart's memoir which is unfortunately not as funny as I was hoping it would be.  But I'm going to finish it and hope it gets better.

Current Time-Stealer: I'm up to 1,077 blogs on my tumblr feed, and other than that I would say hand-sewing anything I can get my paws on.

Current Indulgence: as many sugary throat lozenges as my heart desires.

Current Fashion: I bought a turtleneck dress I'd been eyeing for years, but never wanted to pay full price for.  It was discounted, FINALLY.  (I love a dress with decent neck modesty, don't you? I mean, it's comfortable AND it helps you deal with any shame you've ever felt for showing cleavage!  It's a twofer.)

Current Thankfulness: For my dad, who just had a birthday.  He makes the world a better place in so many ways.

Current Music: Ugh, the most recent music I've bought is from Glee.  It's time to stop listening to so many podcasts and discover some new tunes.

Current Wishlist: This globe, please and thank you.

Current Reminder: "Always be kinder than necessary." - J.M. Barrie

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Allie said...

That globe is beautiful!