#187: Happy Trails by Quicksilver Messenger Service


Happy Trails by Quicksilver Messenger Service (1969)

Favorite Tracks: "Who Do You Love? - Part 1" and "How You Love" and "Mona"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) Sooooo. I have never heard of this band (which may prove to be a huge oversight on my music-appreciation part) nor this album. Though now that I think about it, it would be hard to have heard of the album without hearing of the band, right? (I'm sure you can tell another gripping review is headed your way.)

BUT. As we've said before, it's rock and it's from 1969, so how bad could it be? Well, Quicksilver is considered 'psychedelic' and that genre is really hit or miss for me. Yet the track titles for side one of the album is heartening:

1. "Who Do You Love? - Part 1"
2. "When You Love"
3. "Where You Love"
4. "How You Love"
5. "Which Do You Love"
6. "Who Do You Love - Part 2"

Right?  And that album art is fun. Ok, here we go.

(Post-Listening) Well, the guitar work here is GREAT. Really excellent. Some songs got on the obnoxious end of psychedelic for me, namely "Where You Love."

Is This Better Than Bad?: It's great, but to me not as memorable.

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