middle age


Many of my friends are alone
and know too much to be happy
though they still want to dive
to the bottom of the green ocean
and bring back a gold coin
in their hand. A woman I know wakes
in the late evening and talks
to her late husband,
the windows blank photographs.
On the porch, my brother,
hands in pockets,
stares at the flowing stream.
What's wrong? Nothing.
The cows stand
in their own slow afternoons.
The horses gather
wild rose hips in the sun
the way I long for someone
long ago. What was it like?
The door opening
and no one on the other side.

- Jason Shinder, Stupid Hope. (x)

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Linda said...

You're only 28! You're still cast as the ingenue! Wait a while before you start waxing on about 'middle age,' kid!