The 6-month-old.


I can't believe Norm's been with us only 4 months. He's gotten so big! Here are some early-on shots of him:

Things We've Learned About Norm:

- He likes to play fetch! But only with mice toys. Nothing else.
- When he's laying on his stomach his front arms curve in to form a little circle.
- If Oz and he are play-fighting, he always like to be on his back so he can kick.
- My dancing scares him. 
- He's a chest sleeper AND a spooner.
- He's more cuddly than Oz but much harder to keep still for hugs or kisses.
- I give him impromtu piggy-back rides. 'Impromptu' in the sense of whenever he decides to jump on my back, whether I'm ready or not.
- He's obsessed with Oz.

Happy birthday, Norm! We love you.

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Linda said...

He's quite a charmer! You scored big time with him! Love the picture of him blissfully sleeping underneath your chin.