#186: Buffalo Springfield Again by Buffalo Springfield


Buffalo Springfield Again by Buffalo Springfield (1967)

Favorite Tracks: "Mr. Soul" and "A Child's Claim to Fame" and "Expecting to Fly" and "Bluebird" (specifically the banjo part) and "Sad Memory" and "Broken Arrow"

Thoughts: You know those weird misconceptions from childhood that you never quite move on from, even in adulthood? I mean, there are plenty you DO figure out. Like I no longer think Billy Joel is my uncle Joel, or Elton John is my uncle John. But one I still have problems with? Buffalo Springfield vs. Dusty Springfield. One is a band, one is a woman, I know. But both the names 'buffalo' and 'dusty' have western-y connotations. It still takes me a few moments to distinguish which music legend is which. Any CSNY fan worth their spit knows that Buffalo Springfield is the band that Stephen Stills and Neil Young were in together in until 1968. As you can tell by the album art, they're pretty great (though the album name is fairly uninspired).

The album was too short in my opinion, as listening to it was delightful.  The songs are varied and composed beautifully. Neil Young's songs definitely stuck out as my favorites, which sort of surprised me.  I thought for sure Stephen Stills' would have stuck out to me more. I hope there's at least one more Buffalo Springfield album on the list.  And some Dusty Springfield, now that I think about it!

Is This Better Than Bad?: My love for 60s folk/classic rock is no secret.

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