DIY With Maryann: Cool Stool (Yule Fool Tool Mule Jewel Fuel Wool)


At the last place I lived there was this awesome bar built into the wall that went from the living room through the bedroom (Like, through the bedroom wall). It was great for projects and eating and putting stuff on.  The apartment was partially furnished with some floor lamps and one large, rickety wood stool. But it was such a large bar I thought I should get another stool.  I wanted a really cool one of course, but do you know how expensive bar stools are? Really expensive. Especially the hand-painted kind I was interested in:

But unfortunately I cannot hand-paint wood as well as Pam. I wish I could! Someday I'll try. So I went with a laaaame overpriced stool from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The stool inspired about as much joy in me as, well, the other kind of stool.

Even Oz was unimpressed. (That's the large rickety wood stool on the far left.)

So when I moved to my Forever Home* the stool came with me, even though the bar here is lower and therefore doesn't really require stools. So it just hung out by my desk (I don't have a desk chair) and served as extra seating or a step stool when the need arose. I didn't want to get rid of it, but it did not fit my preferred decor.  So what did I do? I took it apart and gave it new life!

The legs were painted and the seat re-upholstered. I mean, that's what a professional would have done. But this is DIY with Maryann, so of course it was a much quicker, sloppier process...

Rules of 'DIY With Maryann'

1) Spend more money than you would if you've just bought something already made by a professional.
2) Do not use any professional tools.
3) Do not consult any professional advice or helpful hints on the internet.
4) Use the most inefficient method possible to complete the project.
5) If the completed project didn't turn out perfect, leave it as is.  You tried.

If I wanted to do a good job painting the legs of the stool, I would have bought paint made for metal and  paintbrushes so the paint would go on evenly.  I would have wiped down the legs with a damp cloth to make sure it was cleaned of cat hair, dust, and any other debris.  I did none of these things!

I unscrewed the seat, took the legs out to the deck, picked a color of spray-paint, and hosed her down.  Sure, there were streaks of paint, but that just means you apply more coats!

As for the seat, I grabbed some leftover decor fabric I used for my cat bed and pinned it tightly across the seat. A professional would use an upholstery stapler (something I would love but probably can't be trusted to use in moderation) or at least thick, durable thread. I mean, this has to withstand the weight of a human! So of course I just went to town on it with regular sewing thread, willy-nilly.

'Finished' product!

See my clean, well hidden seams? How thoroughly I sprayed the legs where they meet the footrest? Pretty classy. But truly, I love how it turned out. Even with my slipshod sewing.

As you can see from the above photo and this one, Oz seems to like it too:

Here's a closer shot of the seat:

I smile really big now when I see it. And now we should all take a moment to watch this:

*This term is often used by animal shelters when an animal is adopted, but I like to use it for my condo because I have no plans to ever leave it.


Holly said...

First, your fabric is great! Second, who is this Pam person, and how can I become her best friend? I have tried to paint barstools, and that project is now filed under "Threats to the Health of My Marriage" because it was such a mess/took so long/brought out the worst in me.

Maryann said...

I want to be Pam's friend too! But she lives in Florida so the chances of us becoming her new apprentices is low. Maybe she has a book?

And would buying her stuff count as a threat to your marriage?


Allie said...

Thank you for the Waiting for Guffman shout-out!