#182: Red Headed Stranger by Willie Nelson


Red Headed Stranger by Willie Nelson (1975)

Favorite Tracks: "I Couldn't Believe it Was True" and "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" and "Denver" and "Can I Sleep in Your Arms" and "Remember Me" and "Hands on the Wheel" and "Bandera"

Thoughts: We haven't heard Willie since #254, and I'm happy to have him back. I wasn't totally on board with the fact that Stardust was so far in as an album of covers, but Red Headed Stranger is original music--a concept album, no less!--so I left my gripes at the door. In the 80s Willie even starred in a movie by the same name. I haven't seen it. Have you?

Well, no matter how good or not good the movie is, but I can safely say the album is PURE GOLD. Listening to it was like sitting in a log cabin drinking whiskey by the fire. It's mostly about horses and women and heartache (like most decent country albums) but the gentle flow from the first track to the last felt like a leisurely--albeit melancholy--river float. It's not all-out depressing, but wistful and nostalgic. I highly recommend giving this album a listen--I know I'll be returning to it.

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