Currents, May 2013


Current Drink: I will be spending the rest of the summer sipping Spanish Pomegranate Sangria whenever I can.

Current TV Show: I'm watching Fringe and I like it. The similarities to The X-files are strong, but where The X-Files fails in its 'huge' conspiracy surprises, Fringe is brilliant and continues to follow through on its plot twists. But the characters in Fringe will never matter to me or make me feel things like Scully and Mulder did. (Do.) I also watched seasons 1-4 of NewsRadio but couldn't go on after Phil Hartman's death. Too sad.

Current Movie: I finally saw Django Unchained and really enjoyed it--especially the soundtrack! Richie Havens, Ted Neeley, Jim Croce? Not to mention the awesome theme song.

Current Food: Still eating loads of pesto.

Current Book: I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids by Jen Kirkman.

Current Time-Stealer: I've got an embroidery project that is KICKING MY ASS. I thought it would go pretty quickly but I'm starting to develop tapestry needle callouses. I can't wait to show it to you.

Current Indulgence: Real estate. All it takes is someone in my life looking for a place and I get lost in the housing market looking for cute, unique, old-world houses.

Current Fashion: I've picked out an outfit for my friend's wedding that includes billowy silk patterned high-waisted wide-legged pants. I think it will be the first time I've worn pants to a wedding! At least in many years.

Current Music: Can't get over this movie or its end-credits song:

Current Wishlist: I would love this trunk for a coffee table, thanks.

Current Worry: I am going to make it my goal this year to not get sunburned at ALL. We'll see. It should be for health reasons, but it's really that I can't stand trying to sleep when sunburned. Also: cat scratches.

Current Project/Location: My deck! I'm slowly turning it into my personal outdoor paradise.

Current Celebrity Crush: Stephen Amell has been making me swoon in Arrow.

Current Obsession: I reaaaaally want to learn how to hand-paint stuff like furniture with detailed design.

Current Reminder:  Every time I get anxious about the weather getting warmer, I remind myself that I bought a fan on sale last year, and then I feel better.


ErynSydney said...

where are you in Fringe? I just started watching it.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of books about painting furniture like you are talking about. I was also inspired to paint a small bathroom from it. It is really fun to do. Actually no surface is too safe around me...

Maryann said...

Eryn, I just finished season 4 and need to find a place to watch 5 since it's not on netflix yet!

And MB, what are the titles of those books? I think you and I suffer from the same addiction! :)

Anonymous said...

I will check in my "stash". I will give them to your parents and you are welcome to borrow them for as long as you need.

ErynSydney said...

and you haven't really connected with the characters all that way? Dern...I have been feeling that way, but was hoping it would change as I get further in.

Maryann said...

I've connected with them--I get scared when they're in danger and all, but I don't spend time thinking about them when I'm not watching the show.