in bloom


In early March I finally purchased an art print I'd been admiring for months. The artist is Irene Renon from Vicenza, Italy. I saw her watercolor painting "flowers bloom" and loved it immediately. If only I could paint like this:

I hung it in a frame above my medicine cabinet in my kitchen, (I'm much better about taking food with pills if said pills are actually near food! Also that means a medicine-cabinet-raiding-pill-popper would have to steal them in plain sight. ...Unless I'm the bathroom. Damn.) and admired it daily.

That is until admiring it wasn't enough. "I must needle you!" (Not nearly as cool as declaring "I must paint you!" Instead it sounds like I'm just going to annoy it for a few hours.)

Attempting to embroider a watercolor painting is a fool's errand. The options for layering and blending are limited--especially at my novice status. But inspiration struck and I decided to go for it. I drew a general outline sketch on the fabric, but as you will see the flowers themselves were not correctly proportionate. Fortunately I still liked how they turned out. It's actually the face/neck that didn't go as well as I planned. I wish I'd done it more orange-peach like it is the painting, instead of just regular cream/beige.

It took me about two months to finish, but it's finally done. 

Here it is with a copy of the painting I made for reference:


I love it, but I'm a little relieved that my next project has a pattern for me to work from!


Linda said...

That is gorgeous! I like your fearlessness with bold colors and styles. Even your switch plate has style!

jonathan edmund said...

Loved it in person yesterday, love it again here!

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, that's gorgeous! I really want to do more embroidery. Yours is lovely, and an accurate tribute to the print. :)

Maryann said...

Thanks you guys!!!

Steph said...

This is INCREDIBLE!!! You are so talented!

Maryann said...

Thank you, Steph!

andrea said...