#179: The Rolling Stones, Now! by The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones, Now! by The Rolling Stones (1965)

Favorite Tracks: "Mona (I Need You Baby)" and "Down the Road Apiece"

Thoughts: Is this really only our 4th Rolling Stones album? It feels like there's been at least 8. This album was their 3rd American album.

During the cover of Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me" I felt like I was hearing lyrics from the Beatles' "Come Together"!  I looked it up and Chuck Berry's music publisher sued John Lennon for copyright infringement!  Apparently it was settled out of court. Do you see how it's impossible for me to review a Stones album without bringing up The Beatles? Totally impossible.

"Down the Road Apiece" was fun--I could easily picture people dancing wildly to it. Other than that, it was a decent Stones album. It's pretty hard for me to dislike anything from 1965, but to say it belongs at #179? Puh-LEEZE. Far too forgettable for that ranking, in my opinion.

Is This Better Than Fleetwood Mac?:

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