Fabric Button Kits: One Of Crafting's Greatest Secrets*


*Or I'm Crafting's Greatest Ignorami. One of the two.

I haven't been super inspired to blog anything but poetry lately, and I apologize for that. Not only do they tend to be pretty sad, they are also probably violating various copyright laws that I will pay for later in fines and/or jail.

I've still been making stuff, I've just felt less keen about sharing it. I feel the same about what I'm doing around my house. I don't know why. I'm sure it's just a phase.

I can't remember if I've said so before, but now I cut my own hair. And I like it SHORT. Like, Judi Dench short. Wearing long, dangly earrings with short hair feels too fancy, so I prefer studs. In college I bought fabric covered button earrings from Anthropologie and thought they were the coolest ever. I'm sure I paid at least $10 or $12 for them, not realizing how simple they were to make.

Now I'm a button earring fiend.

Careful, they're addictive. I will soon have a pair for every day of the year. 


Linda said...

Those are so YOU!!!!!

Chelsea Lee said...

what's a girl gotta do to get a pair of button earrings?

jonathan edmund said...

What's a gay boy gotta do for a selfie of you wearing adorable button earrings??

Maryann said...

Thanks, Linda!

And Chelsea, the answer is: come meet my cats

Jonathan: soon! :)

LaLa said...


Chelsea Lee said...

i believe that i met the cats (or one of them, since norm was feeling moody) and yet i walked away with no buttons!

Maryann said...

you're right! we rushed out pretty quickly though. I'd love to bring you some!