Goodbye Esther


Since I've been enjoying my evening swims so much I decided to buy a book I'd wanted for a while called Swim: Why We Love the Water by Lynn Sherr, published last year. It arrived today at work, and I took it over to my coworker Johanna to show it to her (and deliver a package she'd received). "It's even recommended by Esther Williams on the back--I can't believe she's still alive!"

"No, she died. Today, I think," Johanna informed me. I didn't believe her until she pulled up the news page. I JINXED ESTHER WILLIAMS. But since she was 91, I bet she was pretty to ready to go anyway. It's so depressing when golden era movie/musical stars die. It makes me feel old, which is ridiculous since I was born in the 80s. But most of the stars from the 50s were still kicking when I was kid and watched them in That's Entertainment (along with all their movies). I started her autobiography back in 2008, and still need to finish it, but my favorite sum up of her career will always be this one by Donald O'Connor:

RIP, lovely Esther.

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