#176: One Nation Under a Groove by Funkadelic


One Nation Under a Groove by Funkadelic (1978)

Favorite Tracks: "One Nation Under a Groove" and "Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?" and "Cholly (funk Getting Ready to Roll!)"

Thoughts: We haven't seen Funkadelic since way back at #478 when we were young and naive and thought we'd finish this list by the end of 2011. Ha! But one thing hasn't changed: Funkadelic's ability to deliver a stellar album.

One Nation is funky, creative, and definitely takes the listener on a musical journey. The songs are pretty epic so I don't think they'll be added to my average playlist or mix, but overall it's an awesome album.

Is This Better Than Fleetwood Mac?: Not to me, but very good.

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