When I'm not playing this song I'm singing it to myself.


It's been on repeat for a week now. Thank God we have music to sit with us in times of despair and pain.

things that you held high
and told yourself were true
lost or changing as the days come down to you
old bonds have broken down
love is gone
ooh love is gone
written on your spirit this sad song
love is gone
everything comes and goes
pleasure moves on too early
and trouble leaves too slow
just when you're thinking 
you've finally got it made
bad news comes knocking
at your garden gate
knocking for you


loverstreet said...

my heart is breaking for your breaking heart maryann. what an incredible song to sum up the crumminess. i hope the cat boys snuggle in close when the bad news comes back to the surface and catches you off guard.

Holls of Grigs said...

Thank you for this.....I'm so sorry for the sorrows covering you.