#175: Rocks by Aerosmith


Rocks by Aerosmith (1976)

Favorite Tracks: "Last Child" and "Rats in the Cellar" and "Sick as a Dog" and "Nobody's Fault" and "Get the Lead Out" and "Home Tonight"

Thoughts: We haven't seen Aerosmith since #224 in May 2012 with Toys in the Attic. Seeing this album made me nervous because Toys had two very recognizable hits to a non-diehard fan like myself: "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion", whereas I don't recognize a single track name on Rocks. (The two albums actually followed each other chronologically in the band's discography too.)

The opening track, "Back in the Saddle" left me with low expectations for the rest of Rocks, but fortunately it got better from there. Steven wails and Joe delivers hot riffs (Hooks? Licks? Do they all mean the same thing?).

It's strange...I purposefully didn't want to watch these songs played live by the band (on YouTube) because I thought it would tamper with my reactions to the music itself. Like I knew if I saw the band on stage, rocking out and dancing, I would like the music more than just listening to it. Is that because I have a thing for rock stars? Maybe. Or is it because Aerosmith are great showmen, and so their performing PLUS the great songs is bound to make a better impression on a first time listener? Probably. But is that fair, to judge a studio album by it's live performances?

Anyway, I'm not sure why this album is almost 50 spots closer to #1 than Toys in the Attic. I liked it a lot and would listen to it again, but I'm not racing to get my own copy.

Is This Better Than Fleetwood Mac?: Not to me.

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