Happy National Cat Day


I wasn't even aware this holiday existed! My sister Jenny sent me a sweet text about it this morning. But I say, live every day like it's National Cat Day.

In honor of my cats, I'm going to re-post the poem 'October Cats.' And it won't be for the last time. This poem sums Oz and Norm up so perfectly, I'm going to keep posting it until I have it memorized, and so do you.

October Cats

One is the color of graham crackers and milk;
cornbread with butter and honey;
a stack of pancakes drenched with maple syrup;
peaches and cream (is anybody hungry?).
The other's tiger markings, gray and white,
are lit like alabaster from within,
foxy, rosy, ruddy; dusky blush.
Who would have thought we were so famished for
the tawny, the caressable? No longer
now splayed out along the floor for coolness,
they reconfigure for the coming season
into shapes of meatloaf, tugboat, owl.

by Rachel Hadas


Allie said...

Wonderful poem! Meatloaf, haha, so true.

Linda said...

Hi Maryann! Just wanted to suggest an interesting book that I've come across. It's called "If the Spirit Moves You" and it's written by Justine Picardie. It's her account of dealing with her grief after the death of her sister, and how she grappled with desires for further communication with her, because the void and silence that she felt from that loss was so crippling. I suspect that it is one of those books where you will either connect with the writer's voice, or you will sort of hate her, so it could go either way- but if there is even a chance that you might get some comfort from it, it might be worth picking up from your local library?

Maryann said...

Linda, that sounds so good. I've added it to my must-read list. Thanks for sharing it with me!!