#168: Exodus by Bob Marley & The Wailers


Exodus by Bob Marley & The Wailers (1977)

Favorite Tracks: "Natural Mystic" and "Exodus" and "Jamming" and "Waiting in Vain" and "Turn Your Lights Down Low" and "Three Little Birds" and "One Love/People Get Ready"

Thoughts: I believe this is our 3rd Marley album, after Burnin' at #315 and Natty Dread at #180. Exodus was recorded in London after a failed assassination attempt on Bob's life, which lead to his leaving Jamaica.

This album is considered by many to be the record that launched Bob's international stardom. I found the record listing to be extraordinary in that all the big hits are on one side of the album, side B:

Side A
 1. "Natural Mystic"
 2. "So Much Things to Say"
 3. "Guiltiness"
 4. "The Heathen"
 5. "Exodus"

Side B:
 6. "Jamming"
 7. "Waiting in Vain"
 8. "Turn Your Lights Down Low"
 9. "Three Little Birds"
 10."One Love/People Get Ready"

It's a bit strange, right? Usually the hits are more mixed up around the album. (I mean, I know "Exodus" is also a hit, but it's even at the end of side A, closest to side B!) Track #9, if you'll remember, is one of my desert island discs.

Also, the "Waiting in Vain" cover by Annie Lennox is one of my favorites.

Is This Better Than Every Picture Tells a Story?: I would say as good.

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