#161: OK Computer by Radiohead


OK Computer by Radiohead (1997)

Favorite Tracks: "Let Down" and "No Surprises" and "The Tourist"

Thoughts: (Pre-Listening) Well, to be honest no one should care what I think about this album because Radiohead has long-been revered as one of the most beloved bands by picky music-lovers and I'm over here on the verge of tears because Zayn has left One Direction. I mean, I think we all knew it was just a matter of time. Part of me thought Harry would be the first to go, but he's just too sweet. Not that Zayn isn't sweet, I just see him being more independent. And he's so gorgeous and talented that it makes sense to do his own thing. Being in a boy band must be grating, no matter how wonderful your band mates. Still, part of me wishes they all could have decided together to disband, but the other part of me is glad that the other four are staying together? It's a complex grief.

Anyway, OK Computer.

We heard Kid A back at #420 in 2011, and I was not a fan. But OK Computer is supposed to be their more popular work, and I'm already a big fan of one of the songs, "No Surprises." I discovered it in the lamest of ways, through a TV show. The season 6 opener of House MD features the song as we watch a montage of House in the asylum. It aired before my first surgery and I ended up listening to this song a ton between my first surgery and last hospitalization. Now obviously the only real correlation between House and I were the fact we were in hospital beds not feeling well, but at the time I related strongly to the constant pill swallowing, isolation from the outside world, and boring routine.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I have a real attachment to "No Surprises" but who knows how I'll feel about the rest of the album.

(Post-Listening) I liked the first half of the last third of "Paranoid Android" and it turns out I did know another song, of course from a movie: "Exit Music (For A Film)" in Romeo + Juliet (2006). The lyrics of "Climbing Up the Walls" were indecipherable (on purpose, I imagine) and "The Tourist" was kind of nice.

Is This Better Than Every Picture Tells A Story?: Nah.

Norse Feline


My dear friends Lee and Johanna are having a baby this summer, and so I wanted to make them something for their nursery. Lee and Johanna share my love of cats, and come from Nordic heritage (of which I am ever envious) so when I came across this print on Etsy, the inspiration was instant. So I used it as a base for the pattern and then went from there!

As per usual, I didn't choose the design until a week before the shower, so there were many a late night and Gilmore Girls viewing (I'm rewatching for the adorably funny Gilmore Guys podcast) and my thumb and pointer fingertips are still sore but I got it done in time! Well, barely. I didn't even have a chance to photograph it in the frame before wrapping it. But here it is before it went in the frame:

I was able to get a pic of it in the frame with its new owners! (They're also holding the cat hand puppet and book I gave them as well. There's a cat in the book, so you can tell the theme I was working with.)

Congratulations, Lee and Johanna! Can't wait to meet your little one so I can shower them with more cat gifts. ;)

 (this last photo was taken by a co-worker, not me)

#197-#162: Personal Favorites


I wanted to post a music video from Every Picture Tells A Story, but sadly not enough good videos exist of Rod singing those songs from the 70s. Pity! So I went with Linda's cover of Little Feat's "Willin'" because if you haven't listened to it yet you really, really, really should, and fortunately for us there's loads of quality videos of her concerts in the 70s.

I haven't done a 'best of' since TWO-THOUSAND-TWELVE. What happened? Sadly, I've only covered 35 albums since then! Ridiculous. My apologies to any of you who actually read my reviews!

So, top ten of #197 - #162.

1. Every Picture Tells A Story by Rod Stewart
2. Fleetwood Mac by Fleetwood Mac
3. Exodus by Bob Marley & The Wailers / Natty Dread by Bob Marley & The Wailers (I couldn't choose!)
4. Heart Like A Wheel by Linda Ronstadt
5. Close To You by The Carpenters
6. Transformer by Lou Reed
7. My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello 
8. Desire by Bob Dylan
9. Buffalo Springfield Again by Buffalo Springfield 
10. Highway to Hell by AC/DC 

Runners-up: Desire by Bob Dylan and 1999 by Prince

#237 - #198
#271 - #238
#306 - #272
#337 - #307
#370 - #338
#401 - #371
#432 - #402
#462 - #433
#500 - #463

Happy listening!

#162: 1999 by Prince

1999 by Prince (1982)

Favorite Tracks: "1999" and "Little Red Corvette" and "Let's Pretend We're Married" and "D.M.S.R." and "Automatic" and "Lady Cab Driver" (weird sex chant notwithstanding)

Thoughts: PA-RIIIIIIIIIIIIIINSE! Prince. There's only been one Prince album so far, Dirty Mind back at #202. 1999 is Prince's 5th album, and it's followed by none other than Purple Rain. I confess growing up I actually thought the song "1999" was written in the wasn't until it was actually 1999 that I learned otherwise. And man, what a song. Let's get into it!

So if I gotta die I'm gonna listen to my body tonight. Leave it to Prince to make a protest against nuclear proliferation into an infectious dance anthem. And he follows it up with the incomparable "Little Red Corvette." Prince is one of those artists whose explicitly sexual lyrics still don't keep me from singing his songs along with my dad. Well, not all of his songs. The ones allowed on the radio.

This is my first time hearing "Delirious" and I liked it, but synthesizer (?) beat got old quickly for me. I did enjoy "Let's Pretend We're Married" more--had me singing along before it was over. "All the Critics Love U in New York" was about 3 minutes longer than I would have liked, but the spoken flight attendant innuendo interlude in "International Lover" was awesome (and hilarious). Made me think of "Take Off With Us."

Is This Better Than Every Picture Tells A Story?: The album starts out SO strong, but got a bit tiresome for me in the latter half. Still SO GOOD.