Norse Feline


My dear friends Lee and Johanna are having a baby this summer, and so I wanted to make them something for their nursery. Lee and Johanna share my love of cats, and come from Nordic heritage (of which I am ever envious) so when I came across this print on Etsy, the inspiration was instant. So I used it as a base for the pattern and then went from there!

As per usual, I didn't choose the design until a week before the shower, so there were many a late night and Gilmore Girls viewing (I'm rewatching for the adorably funny Gilmore Guys podcast) and my thumb and pointer fingertips are still sore but I got it done in time! Well, barely. I didn't even have a chance to photograph it in the frame before wrapping it. But here it is before it went in the frame:

I was able to get a pic of it in the frame with its new owners! (They're also holding the cat hand puppet and book I gave them as well. There's a cat in the book, so you can tell the theme I was working with.)

Congratulations, Lee and Johanna! Can't wait to meet your little one so I can shower them with more cat gifts. ;)

 (this last photo was taken by a co-worker, not me)


Linda said...

OMG. How awesome is that? Dare I say, there is a bit of Oz in that fierce beast? My best wishes to your friends on their little bundle of joy.

Maryann said...

He IS based off Oz! The one, the only. :) Thanks, Linda!