A Day for Love & Equality


Today the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples can marry in all 50 United States. I am so excited to be not only alive, but relatively young, when this moment in history FINALLY arrived!

A bit over a decade ago this was an issue that I viewed through narrow, bigoted, and ignorant eyes. In the years since then through education, experience, and learning from people around me I found myself becoming an ally and supporter of the LGBTIQA movement and rights for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. This is such an exciting day and there's so, so, so much to celebrate. For me, this 4th of July will be especially patriotic, as our country has given our LGBTIQA brothers and sisters (and non-gender binary individuals) "equal dignity in the eyes of the law."

I'm so pleased and tickled and excited for all the LGBTIQA people in my life that have fought and dreamed for this day.

I kept trying to think of a song I wanted to post to celebrate, but none felt celebratory enough to be the ONLY song. So I made a playlist.

June 26, 2015: Historic Day of Love and Equality Playlist!

  1. "Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice)" from The Wiz
  2. "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles
  3. "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers
  4. "God Rests in Reason" by Jason Mraz 
  5. "I'll Cover You" from RENT
  6. "Something Inside So Strong" by Labi Siffre
  7. "She Keeps Me Warm" by Mary Lambert
  8. "Land of Hope and Dreams" by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  9. "Power of Two" by The Indigo Girls
  10. "Chapel of Love" by Elton John 

(Photo cropped by me, taken by 2 Brides.)

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Linda said...

I am with you! Love is beautiful in all forms. Same sex couple have long deserved the same rights as heterosexual couples. Hooray!