what war are you fighting, where the spirit meets the bone?


Earlier this month my friend Jenn invited me to a house concert performed by Kelley McRae and her husband Matt. I'd never heard of Kelley, but I left the concert aglow with her folk singer/songwriter songs, particularly their lyrics. Much like Patty Griffin or Lori McKenna, when I hear her songs they feel instantly familiar.

I loved her short cropped hair, so I image googled her, and this photo came up:

I recognized the photo instantly, as it's been living in my 'haircut inspiration' folder on my work computer since 2007. That's eight years! I had no idea who the woman in the picture was, and then almost a decade later I not only met her, but I discovered her amazing music. And I continue to be inspired by her hair. :)

Below I've embedded a few of my favorite songs of hers, in case you'd like to check her music out (she's on iTunes!):



"So Fine"

"When the Evening Comes"

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