Elsa Embroidery


It's been waaaay too long since I embroidered something. But the plan with the weather getting colder is to do more, though I've made that promise before, I'm sure...

Dear friends of mine had a baby last month and I was bringing them dinner. I thought about their older daughter--a toddler--and how the arrival of her baby sister must be changing her life, in great ways and in perhaps difficult ways. It's a big transition! I myself have never been an older sibling, so it's never a transition I've had to make, but I tried to think about what I would have wanted at her age.

I remembered that she was really into Frozen, and had an Elsa dress. So I decided to embroider an image of Elsa for her! (Please allow me to now state I do not own the image of Elsa. Please don't sue me, Disney!)

In retrospect, I might have opted not to satin-stitch her skin, and just leave it as the white fabric with pale skin color in outline. Minimalism has never been my strong-suit.


Linda said...

That is so cool! It was so nice of you to make something special for her oldest :)

Kj said...

HOW DO YOU DO THIS??!! you're amazing