I Won't Regret the Lives I Didn't Lead


This week I was so lucky to see Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, and LaChanze in the national tour of If/Then, a musical with book by Brian Yorkey and composed by Tom Kitt. Not every song was perfect, and the majority of the choreography was flat-out ridiculous, but this show--even before I saw it--really sparked an interest in me regarding alternate universes, fate, etc. As I wrote about in my long-ass post about that Jim Gaffigan Show season finale that I'm positive no one took the time to read, I love thinking outside the confines of there being one best way to live life, our an ideal that's been set for each of our lives, as well as the concept of 'having it all.'

I've decided to share my top 5 favorite songs from the show. The first one I fell for after googling the soundtrack last year was "Learn to Live Without."

Favorite lyrics:
You learn to stand alone at last
So brave and bold and strong and stout
You learn somehow to like the dark
And even love the doubt
You learn to hold your life inside you
And never let it out
You learn to live and die and then to live
You learn to live without
Then I stumbled upon "Some Other Me" and I obsessed over it like crazy. Usually it's sung with Anthony Rapp but I really enjoy her version with composer Tom Kitt:

Favorite lyrics:
Look down each road left untaken
Trace every turn and twist
The lives that we just let go by
The dreams we might have missed
Now we're old enough to know that
One road ends where one begins
The moment where the what-might-be's
Turn into might-have-beens
And "Always Starting Over"--her song from the 2014 Tony Awards--crept in as well, a total blast to sing (and emote) along to.

Favorite lyrics:

Thank you for finding me 
And thank you for the care
And fuck you for making me think that this life might be fair
You promised to love me
A promise you kept
And I won't be sorry that you said
To leap and I leapt

That was all of the soundtrack I knew until seeing the show, where two more songs stuck out. "Here I Go" with James Snyder:

Favorite lyrics:
I'm not one for fortunes
Or wishing on a star
And I've studied all the stories
And what our chances are
Then my heart starts beating faster
And it makes this disaster worse by far
Still, here I go
Oh here I go
And "No More Wasted Time" with LaChanze and company (which I unfortunately couldn't find a good video performance of). I recommend listening to this one while working out or cleaning the house:

Favorite lyrics:

No more wasted time
No more time for doubt
You say you're not sure you're a hero?
It's time you should find out
So say you've made a few mistakes
Heroes know that's what it takes
To find their way
No more wasted time
Not one more day
We've got no time for playing nice
There's only time for strong
We've got no need for good advice
We've listened far too long
It's gone too wrong


Kj said...

I definitely read your Jim Gaffigan post and have reflected on it much :) I love your words

jonathan edmund said...

I'm so glad they're touring it-- that's so rare! I saw them perform it in NYC and loved loved loved it! Great choice of favorite songs.