"When Maryann likes something...she really likes it."


I went to a college that--at the time--forbid its students from drinking, even when they were 21 or older. My junior year I was an RA, which not only meant I couldn't drink, but I also had to police other students' drinking. 

Cut to: my older sister and I decide to go to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico before Christmas. All-inclusive, those two wonderful words, mean OPEN BAR. At this point in my life, I had never tasted (non-Communion) alcohol. But, I would be old enough by Mexico's standards to drink, and far, far, away from my college and its administrators, most of whom I think would not have worried for my moral fiber if I had drunk in moderation on vacation with my sister in another country during winter break. 

Now, before we left for the trip, I was later told that my mom pulled my sister aside and told her, "Please look out for Maryann when she first tries alcoholic drinks. I'm worried because...when Maryann likes something, she really likes it." When I heard about this, I was hurt. Every day of our trip, while my sister sipped on Margaritas and Tecate, I ordered--over and over again--a juice mix of orange, pineapple, and guava. Or passion fruit? I can't remember. Even though I was out of the country, and well within my legal rights, I abstained, much to the ridicule of every waiter at our resort. Looking back, I totally regret it. "Integrity" is so overrated. It was ALL-INCLUSIVE. I will never get that back all that free booze money...

I bring this story up because as my mother implied, I am what's considered by many to be a serial enthusiast. When I find something I love--be it huichol Mexican art, members of the Jackson 5, historical cartoons, Broadway shows, or cats--I REAAAALLY like them. To the point of financial ruin, in too many cases.

So back in 2003, I was shopping for a duvet cover for my first ever feather down comforter I was taking with me to college. I told the lady at Macy's I was going to college in Canada so she sold us the comforter that could stand up to arctic levels of cold. I was just going to be outside Vancouver, but we decided to play it safe.

Wandering the clearance section of Target like one does, I spied a comforter so fantastic, so original, so colorful and intricate and beyond my wildest dreamings, I could hardly believe it. And it was $19.99 instead of its original $99! I know what you're thinking: a $99 twin duvet cover at Target? But it was Isaac Mizrahi brand. Thus began a lifelong mission to find and own anything and everything bearing this print. Which leads me to these photos:

Turns out, with the glory that is Target, they made not only duvets (and yeah, I bought a queen-size one as well so I can double up, also because I hope to never sleep in a twin-size bed again in my life), but shirts. And CORDUROY BLAZERS. This is my first corduroy blazer, and likely the only one I'll ever need. As I shout out Target, I also need to shout out Ebay, and the sellers who decided they no longer needed super-busy Russian (?), almost Christmas-y paisley duvet covers, shirts or blazers. Their loss is my tremendous, weird, obsessed gain. 


Kristen said...

1. You are literally an EMMER EFFING SUPER MODEL. No bigs.
2. I see that *NSYNC is conspicuously missing from your list of things you have liked enthusiastically.
3. This is so genius. If anyone breaks into your house, you are totally camoflaged. This will confuse the intruder for enough time for your animals to descend upon him and FEAST ON THE FLESH FROM HIS BONES.

Lorena said...

I love thissss abd the duvet for 19.99 USD was a steal !! I bought the shirt at the time for about 40 bucks, which is a lot for a shirt. I was googling it today because it no longer fits and I came across your post !