Currents, December 2015


Drink: Two parts eggnog, one part spiced rum.

Project: December sort of feels like non-stop projects. Event projects, gift projects, decorating projects! I feel busy in the best way. I'd really like to make one of those Christmas trees made out of brooches.

TV Shows: Jessica Jones was great, I'm so happy Bindi Irwin won DWTS, and I'm happy to report that Minority Report is getting better! Last night I caught my first ever episode of Maude and now I want to own the whole series! 

Movie: Spectre was so good. I love those movies. I could watch Daniel Craig do pretty much anything.

Food: I buy Lean Cuisines and add enough Tillamook cheddar cheese to make it no longer qualify as lean nor cuisine.

Celebrity Crush: This asshole.

Book: Carly Simon wrote a memoir!

Indulgence: I bought a mini Christmas tree and decorated it for my cubicle. 

Achievement: I sold my first ever items on Ebay! Joel Hodgson was an asshole to me when I met him at an event, so I sold all his MST3k episodes I owned in individual slim cases. I started the bid at $20, but there was a bidding war and they went for $60!

Fashion: I slipped and scraped the same knee twice within one week, so chucked my UGGs (they got ripped and were stained from a Bailey's spill back in 2010) and got some slip-on boots with serious traction (gently used on Ebay because these days I no longer pay full price for anything if I can help it).

Thankfulness: I am forever grateful to affordable online eyeglasses retailers. The number of glasses and prescriptions sunglasses I've accidentally sat on, left for Stevie to chew on, or knocked into various hard surfaces like car doors and doorways, is far too high to be able to sustain several hundred dollar eyeglasses. To be able to buy pairs of sunglasses and eyeglasses--that I frequently get compliments on--for about $15-$30 plus shipping is so great. I've realized my life is too hectic to deal with glasses cases, and I love having a fresh pair when trends change or evolve. I even have a pair right now that perfectly match the purple tones in my hair!

Music: My new favorite Christmas album is All On A Wintry Night by Judy Collins. 

Wishlist: Um, Baryshnikov Nutcracker, please.

Reminder: "How to Survive: Fall so madly in love with yourself that you won't let anything destroy you, not even yourself." (x)


Kj said...

OMG I bought Judy Collins' album for the first time this year!! I LOVVVVVVE 'The Blizzard' - did end up taking some of the super-dated synthesized stuff out of rotation though. Would be different if I'd grown up with that, but oof- too tinkly.

theresa clare said...

Care to share your resources for frames? I have a hard time finding child sized glasses (yep, I have a small head) that are also adult and cute, so anything you know, I want to know!

Maryann said...

Yes, Theresa! Zenni Optical and Firmoo should both allow you to search by size of glasses!