Var glad, var glad, var glad i din Herre och Gud!


So I definitely meant to post these before Christmas, but that month was nuts and so now I'm doing blog catch-up on all these posts I wanted to do in 2015! Blogging more is always a resolution of mine, but it comes in waves like anything else, depending on how crazy life/work is at the moment. So even though these pics are super-Christmassy, I still have my tree and decorations up (fingers crossed for having them down by next week) so I'm gonna post them anyway.

I always sit in the same section of the church for Julfest, which means my photos always look the same, so I'm not sure why I keep posting them, other than the fact that they make me happy. And this year the pics feature the darling cherub that is Arne, my friends' Jo and Lee's new kid. God Jul! (A little late.)

Arne was super into this paper plate:

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